Sunday, April 26, 2015

New direction

  I have been off the grid for a bit but it seems God still has more creative journey in me. Since my last post I have slowly been drawn back into the Art world. It seems the rest from teaching and painting may have been in his plan all along, for I feel excited and see beauty all around me now. I have also been preparing to retire from work which will allow for new and exciting journey for me.
Journey where, you say? Certainly not to the extent of where art and teaching took me before. But with a new title of “All Creation Lives to Testify to Gods Wonder and Power”. Where that leads only He knows. For now I have spent time observing this power and beauty from my School Bus window and put down some of the everyday views from my bus window. My route allows for some rustic scenic spots to daily watch through the season changes. I have a beautiful barn at the bottom of a large hill and decided to see if in pen and ink and charcoal could still bring out its charm. This was so much fun. Doing detail drawings and using only the pen and value to present an objects charm and in this case peaceful feel was a real joy.

I plan on doing this beautiful barn in watercolor and also posting additional bus route photos in the future. 

Gods beauty is any were and everywhere if we only take time to look.

 I got in a bit of trouble at work for helping direct other drivers in viewing clouds and have been called the Cloud Watcher. So this will be my new title. Go out and be present for sunrises and sunsets and until next time keep watching for beauty all around you.

Until next time
The Cloud Watcher