Monday, December 12, 2016

Future Challenges

I just finished reading one of my favorite artist blog and was inspired by something she said. "A PHOTO SAYS I WAS THERE, A PAINTING SAYS HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT'.

I love her plan of printing small thumb nails of photos I want to paint and putting them in a jar to encourage my daily painting. So lets get at it.

Because I usually don't print my photos I have made so pick that you will see below. So what a fun challenge to make a commitment to work on these. Why were these chosen, there are variety of reasons.

 This is my Dog Giz and I have a drawing book using grid lines to help get features right and want to try it on this cut picture of my dog. Also I am writing an article titled " Everything I have learned about making God My Everything I learned from my Dog" and hope to use some of these drawings and hopefully pastels in it. This is a lofty goal but one I am excited about.

 On the left is a peaceful fall picture from our local park. Again I am as interested in doing a pencil drawing and then pastel.

On The left is a red hibiscus flower and left to itself there is nothing outstanding but the purpose and history of this little flower is to me most exciting. What is that history? I will share in full as I begin the drawing and pastel. But it begins with the new found knowledge that Hibiscus can be make into a tea which helps my blood pressure problem. There is much more as to why this one bloom excited me but that can be left to the future drawing of it.

Now this somewhat ordinary picture is much more to me. It should be a fun lesson on the simple things in life can bring real joy. 

The next picture below is of the same park and I hope to combine these two for it is simple a view which was slightly to the left and I like the tree in it. But my friend enjoying her trip was a very large part of what made this little park different. There was also a fun little my old traveling pardner introduced me to that we were continuing. Hint, Lunch With A View". 

Again an effort to find beauty close by. This is also from a Town Park.

Ok, the goal is to work through these photos and see what happens. I don't know about you but I often go to my workshop and seem to not know where to begin. So for me list and plans adds to the successful attempted to paint daily.

One of the best tools I have found to live each day purposefully is the use of routine, list, and goals. They not only give me direction but also when I seem to feel my lazy mode come on I see what I want to accomplish and throw that lazy mode where it belongs, by the wayside. You see, I really do lean to the, sit in my chair and watch the world go by, love.

So let's get going, Christmas is coming and this could slow down my goal but spending time on reflection of the Gift of Christmas and sharing Christ love for me with others really does top my list of purposeful living. Of course my love of seeing the wonder of God through his creation will naturally spring forth out of this Christmas reflection time.