Saturday, February 3, 2007

MR. You Can Do it

Mr. "You Can do it"

What makes Bill, my husband, special to me? There are many reason but I want to share a quality that has been extremely special to me.

I have been looking at how a house wife could grow into a teacher and artist. It seems apparent to me that with out Bill I would have ended up dead in the water from the get go.

When dating Bill, my friend who own a Craft Shop began teaching Art Class. Seeing desire in my eyes Mr. Bill jump to the my aid and paid for the classes. Some would say that is the beginning of the end.

But you would miss the long time dedication to pushing me forward with, You Can Do it “Kid”.

From the first art class I found a creative passion that must have been hidden deep but my shyness promised to starve it. You say, this must have came easy. Absolutely not, it was only with Bill’s encouragement, I was willing to put the effort into learning. I wish you could see some of these first painting. They were scary. But good old Billy hung those first masterpieces in his apartment and gave me the good old, You Can Do it “ Kid”, pep talk.

Finally after many hours of practice and many paintings later, I was forced into teaching. As fear raced through me there was always again Billy saying You Can Do it “Kid”,

Again I went kicking and pulling back at any attempts to teach at larger conventions. Of course again Mr. You Can Do it “Kid”, came to encourage me. I found myself at my first national convention and was so terrified I called and planned on coming home. Now his faith in what I was doing came into full light. It was more that just. You Can Do it “Kid”, it was also “your playing with the big girls now so either run home in shame or jump in and do your best”. So out of pure bull headiness I charge in to that first class and that was the beginning of my travels.

Four or five times a year Bill would send me off to some new state or convention. I was always sent out with, You Can Do it “Kid”. In this way I was blessed to travel the whole country. Over and over I was allowed to return to the parts of the country that feed my creative juices. My growth was directly linked to Bills willingness to send me off with my friend Nora and later with my Mother.

As I look at all this encouragement Bill gave me, I have seen that those who believed in me and saw something more than I could, in my ability paint and teach. I guess that should not find it so strange that my own family never to this day have seen any great ability in what I do. There encouragement has never existed. Mom was the only one who enjoy the accomplishment with others help that I gained. This is not a put down on them for I believe this might be typical of many families. But it helps me see the great gift of Billy Boy.

Even now as I track my quest for new adventure and learning takes me to Mural business and New Computer learning which is leading to creativity I did not imagine existed. All the while Billy is sitting there say, yep you guessed it, You Can Do it “Kid”. If ever I have accomplished anything, and there are many around the country who believe I have, it is only because of the You Can Do it “Kid” man in my background.

Thank You Billy, for your encouragement. I could not have gotten this far with out you.