Thursday, February 23, 2012

                        Fun Backgrounds

  I am still investigating Stampscapes card scenes. I truly love this fun technique to creating  scenic landscapes.  After years of teaching landscape painting this is something anyone can learn to achieve. The snowy hills were done by using a piece of stick-em note paper that was torn and used as a stencil. Just plain fun and quick.

The dock scene was done by using children markers that were scribbled on a acrylic block, mist with water and then lay a piece of card stock on the block. This technique is just great. You are never sure what you will end up with. Both of these cards will make nice peaceful scenes for Sympathy or Thinking of you cards. They are also great for the more masculine  look.

I have spent years painting landscapes with oil and watercolors and this fall right in line with this love of for freezing nature on canvas or cards.

I plan to investigate different background effect, from alcohal ink, pastels, and anything else I can get my hands on.

Sometimes it is good to create for yourself a idealistic world were peace and beauty are the overwhelming factor to take a rest in before we jump back into the real world. 

Until next time
The Cloud Watcher

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Direction

If one will allow themselves to accept new direction or thoughts, life can be just down right exciting. I have not posted for awhile but here I am at it again. I have just discovered the love of Stampscap cards. It allows me to use my love of art, watercolors, stamping, and card making. Is that possible, it seems so. So we will just see were this go. Hopefully it will be so long before my next post.