Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Woooo Hooooo!!! I have a Secret. Spring is coming.

How am I so sure, with snow still on the ground, flower beds looking lifeless and ugly with debris, that spring is on its way. I mean the ground hog says, Oh, I don't care what the ground hog says. Let me show you what I found in my flower garden.

Surprise Lilies




So Don't tell me Spring isn't on its way
My sister will scream Hallelujah
I will keep all of you updated on this breaking news and the search for spring. 

Now to my New Years Resolution and celebrating two months of keeping it  going.   Here is the fun part of this resolution. I made some rules to go by and they are my rules and I can change them if I want to and do feel the, want too, urge. 

Here is the thought behind my need to alter my plans. I read something the other day that said " Knowing more and having more can at times stiffly creativity". I thought on this for a while and decide it may be true.  If you only have a few things to work with and must create several scrapbook pages and cards you would begin to think of more creative ways to use them. OK I'm game for it. I picked several stamps, 4 by 5 paper stakes, cutters and two tinplate's and decided I would use these for a month. I'm not sure how I feel using other odds and ends but I'm ready to give this a try. 

Right off the bat I feel like I have had my arm tied behind my back. Two or three stamp sets, What Was I Thinking. Get over it Kathy and just start thinking out of the box. Here is the pleasant side of this new choice. The last two month when I found a hidden treasure I had forgotten about, used it  and then moved on to my next hidden treasure and I felt unready to put this new tool or cutter away. 

 I am determined to use all the stamps on this set even the ones that seem unusual.

My first attempt was using a tinplate I had used some but didn't quite get the feel for some of its designs. Well, it was not to bad.

I had used this part of the template before but only this design. One of the blogs I follow had a challenge of embossing so I put the two together and embossed the background.


I use the design on the bottom left and the next card I used the one on the upper  right but I was not thrilled with the look of the second when done but went ahead and used it on a card and it was OK. You will see more of the use of this tinplate this month. 


While we are still waiting on spring go out and look for a few signs for yourself. It is very uplifting.

Have a Great Day