Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolution & New Source for Inspiration

OK, I,m turning this blog in to a New Years Challenge. In the heart of this painful recession I have decided the best way to keep the creative juice and the need for new challenges alive and well without breaking our bank account is a search of my workshop for unused treasures. Boy will Billy be glad to hear that.

To spark the fun of the hunt I received in our family Christmas gift exchange from my great sister-in-law a 4" by 6" stack of coordinated paper along with some additionally beautiful 12" by 12"paper and am ready to dig into it. Where to start, you say, by just tearing out the first four coordinating prints and pull out some of the card idea I have been collecting forever and run with it. I don't want to get bogged down with a perfect color scheme or anything, just run with the first paper I come to.

Fun, Fun, Fun, first I could not believe just how far these 4 by 6 sheets could go. Of course I have always been thrifty and never waste a scrap of paper. Next let's look for things I haven't seen for a while in the workshop. That was just so much fun and even a bit scarry. This may have to be a two, three or five year challenge before I get through all the hidden lonely unused items.

I found two stamp sets that I just had to have several years ago that fit well to the blue theme of my paper. I think the reason I haven't used them was I can't find many people who enjoy the snow as I do. So, what the heck, I'll give this fun card to myself and laugh everytime I look at my first creation of my new year resolution.

I'm going to try and list the names of each product but remember this is from a long hidden stash and that may not always happen. First the paper was 4" x 6" called Holiday Collection. I used two stamp sets "Winter Fun" from Close to my Heart and "Polar Express" from Stampin Up 2002. As you can see I am not a respector of company's, if it pleases me it just might come home with me.

I just hope this is the beginning of something fun. I have a special plan that I might share later if I can be faitful to this new resolution of mine.