Friday, October 24, 2008

New Direction on my Creative Adventure

It has been some time since I have worked on this blog so I am going to bring it up to date. There have been many changes in my life and my love of art has gone in new direction. It will be fun to see where this journey has led me. I will also enjoy seeing the road God has led me on.

The years have passed by and I have been overwhelmed by the privilege of traveling to every state in the lower 48, teaching and sharing my love of art. As with all of us the passing years bring new friends and sadly we lose some of our great old friends. My great traveling buddy Nora went home to be with the Lord several years ago. How I miss her warm personality and beautiful humor on those long road trips.

After the many long hours on the road there was never a disagreement or argument. That is a little hard to believe when you consider that there was two long trips a year going from Indiana to Colorado and Portland, then from Indiana to Providence R.I. There was three shorter trips in the same year. This comes to about three thousand miles or so in one year. We both loved adventure and finding wonder in the simplest things. It was Nora that taught me the thrill of finding wonder of the moment in the simplest thing. Nothing could dampen our thrill, not weather vehicle problems, or being lost.

It will always thrill me to know that other than birth of her children and weddings she considered our Colorado rafting adventures her most memorable experience. I could have cried when her family told me this. Even though I will miss her on my next adventures my heart throbs with joy at the adventure she is on now. Welcome home my friend.

As I try to get caught up on some of the new direction on my creative adventure I will talk on some of my travels with my new partner, My Mom. There is also learning to work on stage sets and falling in love with mural painting.

Till another day my God Bless you.