Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finding great joy in finding out "I am satisfied".

Its been a month! WOO HOO! I started this whole blog thing as a way of accountability for staying close to my New Years Resolution.  I believe it is working. With one month under my belt I find a new sense of accomplishment. Am I the only one who seems to continually want more and more stuff to feed my creative side (or whatever You enjoy buying) and not really enjoy all the blessing God has shared with me. This will seem quite strange but in some ways I feel this recession has been a blessing. I believe I will never go back to feeling at liberty to keep adding to what I already do not have time to use.

At the very first entry of this blog I borrowed the words of Beth Moore, "we live in a culture motivated by one major goal-a little bit more. We have more than enough to live complicated lives, but less than enough to be contented".

I say all this as a new thrill has happened with this Resolution, and that is a real joy in being satisfied and content. Sounds simple but I believe in this age of being bombarded with advertising telling us we are not satisfied until we have whatever new product or thing they have to offer. I believe being satisfied doesn't just happen it is a mental choice we make.

The hunt through my workshop has led me to understand that there is more than enough hidden treasures here to feed my need for new ideas and technique to keep me busy for a year or two and then I will have forgot the first treasures I found and need to start all over again and they will again be hidden treasures again. It will be a never ending game. So for some of the fun I have been having this cold weekend.

I often do a card and then leave the sentiments for later. That way I can make it a thank you, birthday, or even symphony card when I choose to use it.  This was done with melting crayons. This is fast and a bunch of fun. I take a warming plate (you can use a old skillet on the stove set on low) and just start scribing on it as the crayon melts. You will want to make sure there is a lot of color on the plate. I don't intermix the colors too much and I just love the metallic crayons. I then pick up a card (I used blank index cards) and just swipe one side and then the other side of the card. At times I will re-swipe them if they didn't cover well. The best plan is to have a lot of index cards handy and just keep coloring and playing.  I plan to do some more and cut letters off  of it. Oh I forgot to admit to trying to talk little kids out of their metallic crayon which wasn't to hard because they usually don't like coloring with them.

This was just a fun card using some of my huge amount of scrap paper and a stamp set I haven't seen in a while. 

Now this is something new, yes new, sorry but it is a tinplate that you can cut these delicate looking flowers out. I don't think I have ever gotten over the fun I had as a girl playing with paper dolls and cutting them out.

The next few pictures were ones I played with in on of my photo editing programs as I get ready to do some fun mini scrapbooks for a few gifts. I love play with pictures in this way. The first was one taken from my camera as mom and I were rafting, yep rafting the mighty Colorado river. I don't know why I thought the little spots I add were so much fun but I liked it when finished. The second picture is a beautiful trillium I saw when wildflower hunting at Turkey Run State Park. I then add the outer mat of soft brown.

Ok, this was a fun day and I hope you have a blessed day. Keep Warm

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to do with a cold rainy Saturday

Last Saturday my poor hubby seems to have a terrible case of feeling house bound. So what does one do on a very rainy, cold  day. We decided to drive down to one of our favorite camping spots, Raccoon Lake here in Indian?. In the summer it is a beautiful lake that is a water shed, but in the winter it is reduced to a small creek which has always been know as Raccoon creek.

This was a very interesting view. The area is usually completely full of water all the way  to the back of the farthermost tree line. It is some of the idle zone we use to enjoy when we had our pontoon boat. Even on the over cast day the brown fall trees in the foreground with leaves still on it warms up this picture.

The next picture above is just looking the opposite direction. The day would not be complete unless we took pictures of Billy's fishing hole while it had no water in it. Now Billy is a great  chauffeur and drove his favorite photographer (that's be me of course) around to get her precious photo shots.

It look so strange to have the boat docks laying on the ground and no water around the ramp many use to go retrieve there car and trailer from. So enjoy just a different look at our camping area. All in all it was a great way to get out of the house.

OK, I have not forgot my fun workshop and even though I have not posted for a few days I have been doing some fun things.  I have seen this interesting looking cards on the internet many times and have the correct cutter from Spellbinders to cut the pieces needed for it but had a terrible time figuring it out just from photos. Then thank goodness I found a tutorial, guess what it was much simpler then my attempt. I just love the lacy look.

Tuesday I had my fun girls over to paint together and finished a couple of bookmarks I like to paint and add in a some cards.

Last but not least I have never posted cards on a few of my friendly blogs I follow. They often have different challenges for you to try and then submit them to their pages, so for a change I decided to participate. There were two different ones, a sketch challenge and also one who gives you some colors (red, dark brown and light brown) to make a card with. I combined the two and found this to be a great way to inspire your creativity. It was a lot of fun. Also went to my "this and that" box and found the red flourishes on this card. Also I used a long unused stamp and felt very good about moving forward with my New Years Resolution. There is only one problem with my goal of using up many of my "this and that" stuff. It seems to never go down. Be sure and go back to the beginning of Jan 3 headed Playing with Marbles,  to find out and see my "this and that box".

Its going to be really cold the next few days so, Yep that means more playing in the workshop and just looking at the snowy day from my warm perch.

Have a blessed day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Hour Delay, Two hour Delay, DELAY do you hear.

Two hour delay again, what is a person to do at 6AM, yes its off to the workshop. A little bit of ice doesn't keep me from  having some fun. Have you ever wondered who put Valentine's Day in February? I'm not sure but to insert beautiful flowers and lots of pink and red in the middle of the long winter months is very refreshing. The first card is just way out of my comfort zone. One scrapbook blog I receive gives challenges of sketches and color suggestion and this week was pink, blue or blue green and brown. WOW pink is not usually my choice of color but we'll give it a try this morning. Now for the life of me why I pulled out this stack of glitter paper is beyond me. Of course why I even have glitter paper is another story. But it is the year for finding unused treasures. Did I ever come up with some surprises. In the end I think I like it. So for a icy winter morning you have a Little bit of pink, Little bit of glitter and I'm sure we can feel warm and cozy in our late January day.

I actually liked this fun card but still won't be over using pink and glitter in the future. What I liked about the glitter paper, it added a bit of texture.

I don't know if I have mentioned it but this week is texture week for me. Now I make my own rules as this year goes on and that just seems like a lot of fun. So I have several things I have found to bring some texture to my pages and cards. Texture seems to mean whatever I want it to. The Sympathy card was run through my Sizzix machine and a texture plate. I really enjoy the look. 

This third card is a little different. While hunting for additional texture looks I found heavy aluminum you can purchase in craft stores in several colors. What, oh what, to use for some texture, I know, how about a onion bag and some large rick rack. Oh my, I like it. Now to find a use for it and this new sketch I received to day was just perfect for it.

This card may not be texture in some peoples book but my book says it is. This was a lot of fun. You have several copies of a picture and with my spellbinders cutters, I am able to cut a design in several sizes.

I have a few more I want to do later.

Well girls, here is what I am just thrilled about, we are nearing the end of the month and I have been able to keep up my new years resolution for at least one mouth. I have had a great time keep a small journal on this challenge. Next month I have some scrapbook pages I want to get done. One would be some of  my granddaughters softball.

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never throw out anything.

OK, this will be short because I need to go to bed but I went on a hunting trip in my workshop  and found some more hidden treasures. I found this little kit I purchased some time ago, who know when, and thought I would never use it but this little light bulb went off and decided  it would make some fun cards. They were quick and easy. I thought the kit was a little childish but when the cards were done they could be used for thank you's or just thinking of you.

Well its off to bed I hope. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun day off work

I love the internet for it is just full of new idea's. Seen a new card design there and was off an running. Now I must confess I was at Jo-Ann's but I had Christmas money and I had to use it. I know I am committed to no spending and using only hidden treasure, but what is a girl to do when she is armed with coupon's and gift cards. Was I surprised at Jo-Ann's, for they now carry the Spellbinder Cutters, so armed with 50% coupons I came away with three new ones.  It was a fun afternoon.

I just love this little easel card. I will be doing several of these at different times. You can't help but falling in love with the little Magnolia kids. There are several sitting and standing in different positions. I also have here a Valentine card done the same way. If any one who would like the instruction to this easel card just e-mail me.

Its back to work tomorrow and that's OK. I'm just grateful to have a job that allows me the time to play. Besides I really enjoy some of these kids.

This card is a bit different and I really liked the technique. The cutting out a background for the flower was  a nice look. I also used one of my new cutters for the sentiments. Now I know I have got lost from my challenge but again I am being enable to buy these fun coupon's and Christmas money. I promise next week is back on the hunt for hidden treasures in my work shop. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Clean Work Area

I have had fun with some free downloads I have been getting from Jak Heath Designs. At first I wasn't sure the download would print pure but was very surprised at the quality when I printed it. I just loved it.

I told my hubby, "look I cleaned my work area". He's comment was, are you sure. Well its clean by my standards. I can at least see the table. I was told that "Creative people are seldom tidy". So there you have it.

Have a blessed day. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with old photos

As promised I finished yesterday's pages that took me more time than usual but the fun pictures I found of My daughter as a child and then her and her children made it worth it. I did put them on face book and I'm not sure what Pam thought but Mark her husband loved it. I love the stitching look. It's a good thing I do for it took awhile.          I said that this challenge was to find unused item and I did, the template I used for the stitching was in my hidden stash. The pictures also was fun searching for and if my Daughter reads this at all she will love the fact I found some more even more interesting. I did not use the original photos. I scanned them and then enlarged them. This worked well because they were small and old.

My two grand children are not much older than Pam was in the first layout.

Now to explain this card, I must still not be out of my detail mood yet because lining up these little squares did take time. Again I got this layout design from a fun blog I follow. I love the stamp, how I wish I could say it was another found treasure but I just got this with Christmas money given me. At least I stayed with the plan of making encouraging cards for friend and family.

Well that's all today but I read a fun quote today "Go out side everyday for there are miracles waiting everywhere". This morning I was glad I drive a school bus for it caused me to be out and about early and there was light frost on every tree and tall grass. When the bright sun (yes we have sun finally today) it looked miraculous.  If only I had had my camera, I did have my cell but somehow I think school does not want me pausing the bus for photo shots.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its a new day

Its a Monday and new challenges lie ahead. I want to thank my sister for asking a very simple question. Do you dread Monday mornings. My quick answer was no, but I realized that has not always been the case. When and how did this change. After some thought I think I know the complete answer. It's my curiosity overruling the dread of 5 AM. It has taken years but just today I realize that I believe whole heartily Ps. 118:24, "This is the day which the Lord has made be glad and rejoice in it". I think I have also accepted deep down that God plan this day for me from creation and my curiosity as to just what kind of day that will be . To live today and not want to miss it while wishing for some other day like Friday. So I want to thank my sister again for bringing me to the awareness of this great change God has made in me. It was not always that way. I thought death was accruing every work morning when the alarm went of.

Now on to some fun for the day, again I saw a great Christmas layout in a magazine. It had different colors of paper with the same print on it and done somewhat like a patch work quilt. OK, so if I don't have it can I make something like it. This will send me into some of my unused stamps and a couple of other techniques. I also love the stitched look it had. No, I didn't pull out the sewing machine but had a template that makes a stitching look. To make it even more realistic I used a tool to make wholes for each stitch. I must be in my detail mood or something. It would have been easier to just pull out the sewing machine. 

Later I will post some fun pictures I found for this page. It is very early pictures of my daughter and also my grand kids at Christmas. I think to have fun I will also post these pictures on facebook. She will just love that Ha! Ha!
Have a great day and look for the wonder in each moment.

Let that Ad spark An Idea

A very cold Sunday and one should really hibernate. My darling hubby was watching football so of course I could not bother him and went directly to my workshop. Seriously I am so blessed with a warm home, good company and being blessed with time to work out here. I feel sure I need to use most of this fun creation to some kind of Godly use. The cards are working in that direction. I thank God every day for his love for me and on this Sunday I must never forget how huge it is that my salvation is only through him.   

It just takes an Ad in a scrapbook magazine to spark and idea. They were advertising different papers. I was looking for a use for my little sign (I'm snow happy) I made with my Friskers template Friday.  The papers looked like they were just laid randomly and a photo taken. Oh, Wow wouldn't this make a great layout. So I was off and running with plans to duplicate it. First, I will say it turned out well and have showed  you the end product. I had to hunt a bit to find pictures that would work well on it.

The journal box on the page to the right simply says that the only reason for this page was to use my fun bears stamps and this paper design. Here is a short description of how the background was made.  First I got a 8" by 11" piece of scrap paper and just started laying some coordinating papers over it in a pleasing manner.  What is pleasing is just a little harder to describe but has to do more with balance of dark's and lights.

 The next step was to tape them down which is a bit of work but finally had all the pieces where they would stay in place. Now I turned the whole thing over and began trimming around the 8" by 11" sheet. It was just that simple.

The picture on the left is the back side of this whole contraption. The picture on the right is the front side and shows where I had trimmed two sides.

Now you have it. When I turned it over I had what I had seen in the ad. I was thrilled. It was so much fun I even made a second smaller one for a card. Still had paper left and we can't waste you know. What will I do with these cute tags, don't have a clue.

This was fun.  I hope everyone stays warm.
Have a very blessed and wonderful day.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What to do with a two hour Delay

Two hour delay, what to do now that it is 5:30 AM, my little yellow school bus must wait for the sun to come up and now I'm wide awake. Things look pretty peaceful outside but "whatever". I'll take my coffee to my workshop and see if I can get inspired at 6 AM. I have added for some of my bus driver friends who tease me about loving to run my snow blower, well yesterday was my day. I enjoyed doing my neighbors and my drive and then sitting down with a big cup of Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.
    Two days ago I was so pleased with myself for learning how to use my Fiskars cutters that I had about four or five years and was able to cut out the window in the picture to the left. I wasn't sure what I would do with it but as you can see I thought of something. It's OK, but the problem begins with the fact I used paper I was not fond of because I was sure I would mess it up when cutting. Goes to show you should always hope for the best because now I was stuck with the pink. I couldn't just throw it out of course. So I'll just have to give this card to someone who loves bright colors. 

The second card was again using some of my "4 by 6" coordinating stacks of paper called Safari Chic. I just loved it. I had planned on using it for more masculine cards. But when I need to send one to someone it just fit with this stamp I found in my unused treasure. If you click on the picture it will be enlarged and you can read it.

This New Year's Challenge is beginning to take on a life of its own. I drew up a four week plan to search for my hidden unused treasures, like week one was templates and unused stamps. Week  two will be some more stamps but sets and using every stamp in the set in some fashion. I will up date on what week three and four will be later. It seems there need to be some rules also, like on Friday I felt led to finish all the things started while using my hidden treasures (sounds smart). It also seems like a good plan to choose only four or five treasures to use for a week. The out come is that today at 6:30 AM I was finishing up some of my project of the past week. There were four scrapbook pages and three cards. The problem I am having is putting away some of my new treasure to move on to others. I have enjoyed my fun penguin stamps and cute bears playing in the snow.  I do think I will use my Friskers template a bit more for I have several different templates. I have a great start on this New Year's Challenge, and I won't hope for the whole year but a month would be great.

It has been a fun day even with a two hour delay. I hope you have a great day also.